These TShirts Let You Covertly Cosplay As Your Favorite Characters

first_img Cosplay is a lot of work. Not only do you have to look good, so you’re not assailed on the internet with how much you don’t look like the character you’re cosplaying as, but you’ve also got to make something if a good-looking costume. Or you could just pick up some shirts from Shalemon, where you can grab shirts with No Face, Slimes, Ryuk, Spider-Man, and even Evangelion’s Unit 01 for some insanely cheap cosplaying.The T-shirt line from Shalemon features shirts from several different series, and they have designs on the chest of each shirt. You need only flip up the shirt and cover your head to use the shirt as a mask, as demonstrated by the images online. The Slime T-shirt is a little off-putting at first, but Slimes are only the most adorable creatures in all of Japanese role-playing games, so you’ve got to stick with it and just appreciate its adorability.The Evangelion shirt looks quite devious, as does Ryuk from Death Note and Spirited Away’s No Face. But they’d certainly do in a pinch, especially if you’re looking to head out on Halloween or to a convention with a quick and fun costume, these shirts can definitely do the trick. Just don’t wear them around the house, the scary ones at least, if you don’t want to terrify your dog. I did that once with a zombie cosplay shirt from Resident Evil, and my dog didn’t recognize me. I don’t think he’s quite forgiven me yet for that stunt.You can nab one of these shirts for about $25.28, and you can pick them up via Shalemon’s site or Amazon Japan and Rakuten. They’ll probably go fast, so make sure you nab the ones you want before they’re gone for good.View as: One Page Slides1. 2. 3. 4. Stay on target 11 Things We’re Looking Forward to at PAX WestPhotos: Best Cosplay at San Diego Comic-Con 2019 last_img

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