Teen boy accused of hacking social media accounts

first_imgA 17-year-old boy who allegedly took upskirt videos of female students at Union High School is now also accused of hacking into numerous social media accounts and sharing nude photos.Vancouver police began investigating Sept. 18 after a female student told the school resource officer that someone hacked into her social media account, accessed nude photos that were kept in a private section of the account and then distributed the photos to other students.The investigation led to the arrest of Zachary Bridgeforth that same month. Police served a search warrant on his cellphone and found 16 upskirt videos. The videos were shot between May 6, 2016, and Sept. 14, 2017, according to a probable cause affidavit filed in Clark County Juvenile Court.Bridgeforth, who is also a student, is seen in at least four of the videos as the one filming, the affidavit said.All of the videos were shot at Union High School in classrooms, hallways, stairways, a building commons area and courtyard during class time, passing periods or lunch. In all of the videos, the female students do not appear to be aware that the filming is occurring, the court document states.As the investigation continued, police found that between June 14 and Oct. 11, 2017, multiple internet protocol addresses traced to Bridgeforth’s residence and cellphone logged into the social media accounts of at least 11 female students, according to a probable cause affidavit filed in the latest case.last_img

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